Friday, June 3, 2016

Taking the Kimono Trend to the Next Level

Taking the Kimono Trend to the Next Level
By Taylor Bushey

Whether you’re shopping, picking up the kids from school or taking a trip to the beach, wearing a kimono has you covered in various colors for all occasions.

Kimonos are a huge trend this year, and your Shabby Chic stylists wonder why it wasn’t sooner. It’s a universal look- and can be worn during all four seasons. Take the black lace one for example. It’s seen being worn with shorts and a tank for the summer time heat. Fast forward into the fall season and it can be worn with your favorite jeans and a cute bootie.

If the choice in color is holding you back, then it is also available in a white lace. Plus, two different colors can transform the look entirely.

Your favorite celebs are also involved with the look.  While Elizabeth Olsen wears hers to a music festival, artist Demi Lovato spices hers up with fringe detail, combining two huge trends in one.

In comparison, Shabby Chic owner, Christina Christopher put her own style into the mix by pairing her kimono with a blue dip-dyed dress. She completed her look with a sun hat, her favorite rounded sunnies and a fringe backpack filled with her beach essentials.

If not feeling the blue, then we have pink lovers covered with the same dress and a different printed style kimono to match.

The kimono overall is a versatile look made for all different styles. A simple switch in color or print gives freedom to express yourself no matter what personal style you have.

Still not convinced? Head on down to our store where our stylists will pull options fitting for you and your fashion needs. With so many possibilities, we’re sure that we’ll find something perfect for everyone.

- XO Shabby Chic Stylist

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