Thursday, September 14, 2017

7 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall Clothing Fashion

7 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall Clothing Fashion
The easiest way to make your summer pieces more fall appropriate isn’t to ditch them altogether, but to cook up new ways to wear them. Here are some of the simplest ways to stretch your wardrobe and make all your old favorites work until winter.

1. Cotton Dresses

At home, on the beach, or for a weekend shopping trip.  Cotton dresses are easy and cool for those hot summer nights. But before you relegate them to the back of your closet, refashion them by wearing them with long sleeves. Whether it’s a belted blazer, a chunky-knit sweater, or even a knotted chambray shirt.  The trick to wearing a cotton dress in the fall is to layer up, and then define your waist to offer added structure. The end result is a beautiful fall casual outfit.

2. Add Tights or Leggings 

Adding tights to your outfit can be a fun way to play with patterns, color, and texture for the fall. By stocking up on tights, we offer a buy 2 pairs of leggings and get one free deal!  You will have a way to extend the life of your favorite summer skirts and dresses. Look for opaque tights – I love cable-knit versions with tons of texture. A pair of gray textured tights worn with your favorite khaki skirt and boots is about as autumnal as a pumpkin patch. Shabby Chic will be getting in all kinds of textured and colored tights 09/28/17! Be on the look out! 
If you’re not into tights, try leggings. Some styles look a lot like pants, but have tons of stretch. They’re perfect to wear under your summery tunics for more coverage, while still staying fashion-forward.

3. Layer Up and Wear it different Ways

Layered looks aren’t only fashion-forward – they’re also completely functional.  As you layer up your summer clothes, you create new looks that will actually keep you warm in a brisk breeze.
But how do you know which looks to layer? Try this rule: Layer long over lean. This means matching up longer-length tops (think tunics or boyfriend cardigans) over leaner bottoms, such as tights or skinny jeans. This can help you extend some of your summer favorites, such as a long tank top.
The “long over lean” rule helps to avoid the bulkiness that can sometimes be a result of overenthusiastic layering. Then, just add a sweater or jacket, a light scarf, and a pair of boots to finish your perfect fall outfit.

4. Taking Casual To The Next Level 

My favorite place to spend my fashion budget is definitely casual and comfortable wear.  Comfy clothes can make such a big impact on your wardrobe.  You can wear it casual or dressed up.  By paring it with unique accessories. I love this new sweater that just arrived.  It has lace detail that gives it a great feminine feel. This look paired with our new Chucks is comfortable, but very chic!

Also new this week, are theses new stripped long sleeve t-shirts!  You can see how we took this look and added a fall cap, rugged jeans and a pair of Chucks to make it edgy! We are now able to make graphic t-shirts in the Creative Studio's shop! These striped t-shirts will be perfect for any occasion once you add your own statement! For example, Halloween or football t-shirts for those lazy fall days or rooting on your favorite team. You can see examples below!  


5. Add Deeper Colors

I love the deeper colors that come with the changing of the leaves. The pastels and neons of the spring and summer give way to rich jewel and earth tones. But don’t worry if your closet isn’t already stocked with turquoise, plum, and ocher. You can add a couple of pieces to extend the life of your lighter summer clothes.
Take a lavender dress, for instance. It was perfect for that summer garden wedding you attended, but do you have to put it away for fall? If you add some heavier textures and jewel tones, you’ll be able to keep wearing it. Consider pairing it with a plum cardigan and a sleek pair of booties. Suddenly, the addition of a deeper color tones down the brightness of the lavender, resulting in a more cohesive and fall-appropriate outfit.

6. Ignore the Rules

One of the reasons fall shopping can be so expensive are all the supposed “rules” that surround dressing in cooler weather. Whether it’s not wearing white after Labor Day, skipping tights with open-toed shoes, or even pairing black with navy, these silly rules severely limit the scope of your fall wardrobe. Feel free to wear white after Labor Day (a chic, yellow-toned winter white looks perfect with jewel tones), or wear your favorite open-toed booties with a pop of colored tights. Don’t spend too much time thinking about whether or not an outfit is fall-appropriate, but that it’s weather-appropriate and makes you feel great, regardless of the rules.



Boots are an autumn staple that easily make all of your summer outfits warmer and more functional. And while you can spend a ton of money on good-quality boots, purchasing a few pairs of lower-cost fashion boots (more about looks for the fall than function in the winter), you’ll extend everything from dresses, to jeans, to shorts.
Try a summer dress worn with knee-high boots and a leather jacket. Or, be daring and treat your beloved lace short-shorts like a skirt: Add over-the-knee boots and chunky sweater for a “city look.” You can even buy booties and wear them with your favorite skirt and cardigan combo. Boots are an ideal item to stretch your wardrobe, so allocate some of your fall fashion budget on scoring a couple of pairs in different heights.

Final Word

It would be really easy to blow your fashion budget on buying  ALL new clothes for the fall, especially with Shabby Chic's many tempting window displays and sales. But the turning of the leaves doesn’t have to mean buying a completely new wardrobe. By adding a few key pieces and keeping out some of your summer clothing that is darker colors you save money to splurge on functional winter clothes.
How do you transition your closet for fall?

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Keeping Cool

Cooler Outfits Ahead

This week your Shabby Chic stylists have been all about keeping cool in the summer heat. With the month of July beginning to roll through, that means temperatures are hitting the 90s and onward. And while we all still want to venture outside, it’s difficult when the sun’s rays are beating down on us.

So to defeat the heat, we’ve been unboxing new arrivals and putting our own spin on new trends. Taking this laced out tank for example, one of our shoppers came into the store and suggested throwing a slip on underneath. Now a top that’s more versatile, it not only pairs well with a pair of jeans and our famous bralette, but also acts as a dress. To accessorize, layer with a long statement necklace and keep in the shade with a fun sun hat.

For an even more effortless look, come in and try one of our printed rompers-- no outfit planning necessary. This light blue one with lace detailing on the shorts is the right look for a walk on the boardwalk or a nice dinner out with the family. Whatever the occasion, it’s simplicity will be your new packing essential.

Celebrity Selena Gomez understands as she wears her version dressed up with a pair of heels and reflective aviators.

If looking for a little more cover, our easy cut-out dresses with a kimono to match will be your new go-to. Each piece will go with several items already in your wardrobe and have room to layer for more outfit possibilities. The kimono for instance, will help in a situation of being in a chilly restaurant. Blasting air conditioners may feel like paradise at first, but can turn frigid later.

Now with all of our recent releases, we’ve been having fun at the store showing everyone our fabulous new styling tricks and advice. Show us some of your styled Shabby Chic looks by tagging us on Facebook. Stay cool!

XO- Shabby Chic Stylist  


Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Getaway

Finally it’s that time of the year. Not only is it summer, but July is also the #1 month everyone leaves for vacation. Your Shabby Chic stylists would know since we made an escape ourselves. Whether it’s lying out on the beach, exploring an exotic country or making the best of your backyard, the perfect outfits for sunshine fun are a must.

Take this red printed bathing suit for example. Perfect for tanning, this fun pattern will be great to wear while soaking up the sun. With a hint of black mixed with the print, it goes with our black lace kimono and soft shorties for a cute cover up.

Celebrity Jessica Alba understands. She’s rocking a version of our look at the beach with an ice cold drink in her hand-- and walking with a ton of confidence.
This outfit is versatile and each piece shown can create it’s own vacation outfit. The kimono for example doesn’t have to be worn over the shoulders, but can still act as a cover up by tying it as a skirt around the waist.

Top off any of our looks with your favorite pair of tasseled sandals and sunglasses.   

Looking for a different outfit idea? Try out one of our best-selling slip tank dresses in an ombre. This style can also be worn while shopping around the boardwalk for some added coverage.

If it’s cooler in the evening, pull out one of our knit tops in a bright color to keep warm. The sun might be disappearing, but the color doesn’t have to as we recently received a fresh shipment of them in a neon pink and white combo.    

No matter what the occasion, we have you covered this season with all sorts of styles to choose from. Oh, and did we mention all of our swimsuits are 20% off this week? Happy Vacationing!

- XO Shabby Chic Stylist

Friday, June 24, 2016

Trending Deals

Our Shabby Chic stylists already know you can snag their style at an awesome affordable price, but this week we have a few extra deals under the wings. We are mixing the trend with the deal- and showing off the best way to style your future pieces.

Take a few of our colorful tops for example. Each are a great layering piece, but also have a unique look all on it’s own. This soft olive green top with the laced-out shoulders are a huge trending statement this season. By adding your favorite pair of shorts and statement jewelry, you’re all set to meet friends for an outdoor lunch. And this week only you have the opportunity to buy one top and get the second one half off the original price. In addition, shorts are also buy one, get one half off.   

To match your new tops and shorts, every girl needs a few jewelry pieces in their wardrobe. For instance, the giving key necklaces are not only fashionable, but an important piece to own. Each one has an empowering word engraved in it, and you pick the one that stands out to you. You then wear it until you no longer need it, but find another person who does and give it to them. The key necklace will then be passed on to every person that needs it.  Jewelry is a way to make an outfit stand out and be different upon the rest, so this week you can buy one key necklace and receive the second one for free. Start passing along guidance!

However, the outfit isn’t complete without a new pair of sandals. From running errands to an adventure-filled road trip, these tassel slip-on sandals will be with you at all times this summer. Ranging in multiple colors, you’ll most likely want to own more than one pair. To help with this, buy one pair of sandals and receive the second pair half off.

To top it off, add a light-weight scarf in a colorful print. To change up the look, try wrapping it around a tote like the one pictured. This easily transforms the style of the tote to create a few more options for styling. Plus, if you buy one scarf, you can receive the second one for free.  

Oh, and did we mention the tote pictured above is FREE if you spend $100 by the end of the month?

Also a huge thank you to Excalibur Title and Escrow for the gorgeous location of the photoshoot! Find them on Facebook at   

Happy Shopping!

-XO Shabby Chic Stylist  

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fashion Friday

Snag the Essential: Tank Dresses

The most sought after pieces in a closet are the basics and it helps to have a few go-to looks, especially if running late in the morning. Here at Shabby Chic, your stylists recognize this and are here to give a few tips on how to wear our versatile cut-out tank dress.  

By keeping the dress as the center of attention, accessorize with a pair of flat sandals like our tasseled flip flops and your favorite bralette peaking out underneath. Then throw on your sunglasses as you walk out the door. This is a look effortless for daily endeavors such as meeting with friends or attending an outside family picnic.

Favorite celeb, Karlie Kloss styles her look casually too with a pair of sneakers and a sweater wrapped around her waist. This way she’s comfortable and able to run errands in the same style dress.

If heading to the beach, then this dress can also act as a cute cover up as it’s in a light-weight material and an easy one-piece.

Going a different route, the dress can become a tunic when styled with a pair cropped pants. Add some height with some wedged sandals. To bring the look together, wear a long necklace with a bracelet to match.

All looks are relaxed, yet super cute and easy to achieve. Our tank dress is available in many colors perfect for creating looks tailored to your personal style.

I’ve worn this dress numerous times for different occasions and it has become a new favorite in my closet. As one who loves the idea of a simple essential, all looks are fashion forward and put together.

XO- Shabby Chic Stylist    

Friday, June 3, 2016

Taking the Kimono Trend to the Next Level

Taking the Kimono Trend to the Next Level
By Taylor Bushey

Whether you’re shopping, picking up the kids from school or taking a trip to the beach, wearing a kimono has you covered in various colors for all occasions.

Kimonos are a huge trend this year, and your Shabby Chic stylists wonder why it wasn’t sooner. It’s a universal look- and can be worn during all four seasons. Take the black lace one for example. It’s seen being worn with shorts and a tank for the summer time heat. Fast forward into the fall season and it can be worn with your favorite jeans and a cute bootie.

If the choice in color is holding you back, then it is also available in a white lace. Plus, two different colors can transform the look entirely.

Your favorite celebs are also involved with the look.  While Elizabeth Olsen wears hers to a music festival, artist Demi Lovato spices hers up with fringe detail, combining two huge trends in one.

In comparison, Shabby Chic owner, Christina Christopher put her own style into the mix by pairing her kimono with a blue dip-dyed dress. She completed her look with a sun hat, her favorite rounded sunnies and a fringe backpack filled with her beach essentials.

If not feeling the blue, then we have pink lovers covered with the same dress and a different printed style kimono to match.

The kimono overall is a versatile look made for all different styles. A simple switch in color or print gives freedom to express yourself no matter what personal style you have.

Still not convinced? Head on down to our store where our stylists will pull options fitting for you and your fashion needs. With so many possibilities, we’re sure that we’ll find something perfect for everyone.

- XO Shabby Chic Stylist

Celebrity photo courtesy of