Friday, July 8, 2016

Keeping Cool

Cooler Outfits Ahead

This week your Shabby Chic stylists have been all about keeping cool in the summer heat. With the month of July beginning to roll through, that means temperatures are hitting the 90s and onward. And while we all still want to venture outside, it’s difficult when the sun’s rays are beating down on us.

So to defeat the heat, we’ve been unboxing new arrivals and putting our own spin on new trends. Taking this laced out tank for example, one of our shoppers came into the store and suggested throwing a slip on underneath. Now a top that’s more versatile, it not only pairs well with a pair of jeans and our famous bralette, but also acts as a dress. To accessorize, layer with a long statement necklace and keep in the shade with a fun sun hat.

For an even more effortless look, come in and try one of our printed rompers-- no outfit planning necessary. This light blue one with lace detailing on the shorts is the right look for a walk on the boardwalk or a nice dinner out with the family. Whatever the occasion, it’s simplicity will be your new packing essential.

Celebrity Selena Gomez understands as she wears her version dressed up with a pair of heels and reflective aviators.

If looking for a little more cover, our easy cut-out dresses with a kimono to match will be your new go-to. Each piece will go with several items already in your wardrobe and have room to layer for more outfit possibilities. The kimono for instance, will help in a situation of being in a chilly restaurant. Blasting air conditioners may feel like paradise at first, but can turn frigid later.

Now with all of our recent releases, we’ve been having fun at the store showing everyone our fabulous new styling tricks and advice. Show us some of your styled Shabby Chic looks by tagging us on Facebook. Stay cool!

XO- Shabby Chic Stylist  


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